The evidence

The first proof
Whilst searching the coastline somewhere in Suffolk I came across these strange objects.
Minumus Brickimuldum

Many were in the process of changing as they had not fully formed.
I was thinking how long it must have taken to form. Even more incredible was that it had made it to dry land.

But then...

Further investigation lead me to discover these.

 Amazingly these life forms I had found where gathering together.
 I wasn't sure at this point whether I should go to the newspapers with this story or even aproach the great man himself (Richard Dawkins)
You may be thinking at this point that I am a fool because I believe what I have found is the evidence for evolution. Well, just to proove that I am not, look further.

I realised that some of these particular intelligent species where able to evolve into the next stage of their journey. Although not recognisable I could see the beginnings of something that was remarkable.

Brickimuldumus mortimous
This primitive life form was able to start the process of mutation.

Of course this was just the beginning.

I waited another 4 billion years and then....

Brickimuldumi mortimouses

Minute random changes took place.

How many people do you know that have witnessed such things?
The best was yet to come.

I realised that if I was to get some good headlines in the media and obtained govenment sponsoring for further research, I was going to need more than this to convince the critics.
Apart from this it was also necessary to convince the Christians out there that the bible is not true, in particular Genesis 1 which says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

I mean, who would believe that, especially now I have this overwhelming evidence?

The conclusive proof.
The life form we saw in the first photo goes through at least 7965,000,000 changes before reaching land. I did not actually see the changes. (because I wasn't there) But I have it on good authority from other scientists (who weren't there either) who have 'discovered' similar things out in space.

So for the conclusion. Where does it all end? Well here.

A House
There are many of these examples all over the world, its amazing how they got there.
But I have given conclusive proof that evolution is true and shown you all the missing links.

Would welcome any other proof of these sightings from around the globe.